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Clinical Efficacy
(Study duration four weeks)

20 volunteers with acne were selected. They were instructed to apply Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste first and wash after fifteen minutes. Post wash Eve fresh cream was applied. This was followed twice a day for duration of four weeks.

90% of volunteers had by the fourth week

  • Complete clearance of symptoms and post inflammatory scars
  • Uneven deposition of skin
  • Oiliness on face
  • Dark coloration around neck
  • Improvement in skin colour was observed from first week onwards.

Ten volunteers engaged in outdoor activities and their skin region treated with Dual therapy showed no erythema formation which indicates the sun protection effect of the product.



Proof of Sun protection and water resistance
Evaluation of effective adhesion of Eve fresh PCCP to the skin

Water resistance test performed by measuring the erythema in the EF PCCP applied skin exposed to sun and was compared with normal sun exposed skin. After fifteen minutes, the erythema readings of both were recorded.

Same procedure was repeated for Dual therapy treated skin and compared with normal skin. After fifteen minutes the erythema readings were recorded.

Sun protection effect observed post wash in both mono therapy and dual therapy suggests the strong adhesion of EF PCCP to the skin.

Significant reduction of erythema value with Dual Therapy (EF-PCCP & EFC) when compared to mono Therapy with EF-PCCP

% reduction in Erytheme with
Dual Therapy

% reduction in Erytheme with

Affinity on skin and persistent fight against microbes causing pimples

Staphylococcus epidermidis is common bacteria found on human skin and plays a role in acne/pimple form eruptions. After use of EF PCCP as per the usage instructions, swab sampling was done at 0,2,4,6 and 8 hours from skin region. The same procedure was repeated for Dual therapy.

Significant reduction in the number of Staphylococcus epidermidis on the skin was observed after a single use of Dual therapy when compared with Mono therapy.

Significant reduction in the presence of staph epidermidis on the skin after the single application of EF-PCCP & EFC (Dual Therapy)

Volar forearm (Treated)

Neck (Treated)

Face (Treated)

Untreated (Volar forearm, Neck, Face)

Significant reduction of erythema value with Dual Therapy (EF-PCCP & EFC) when compared to mono Therapy with EF-PCCP

Treated (Dual therpay)

Treated (Mono therpay)