Heat and Humidity in summer cause excess sweat and oil production in the skin which acts as a magnet to the dirt and dust that’s present in the environment making the skin attract all that eventually leads to clogged pores and breakout. Summer is a beautiful season when handled with care. Experiencing a high level […]

Make your Acne become a thing of the past!

Living with acne can be tough and waking up to a breakout is putting off. Many studies have found that acne can lead to poor self-esteem, depression or anxiety. In order to break free from acne troubles, it is important to use a natural product that prevents acnes, treats it and stops the reoccurrence. Most […]

Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

As temperatures keep rising, exposure to sunlight for long period leads can cause mild sun allergy to life threatening sun strokes. However, by knowing the basics of what happens with sun exposure and by taking some precautions, it is easy to take good care of your skin in hot summers. Ultraviolet radiation Ultraviolet radiation, a […]

summer acne

Sun exposure and excessive heat in summer causes more sweating, skin burns, inflammation, tanning and sebum secretion. This in turn will induce acne due to deposition of excess sebum on skin, blocking of skin pores, adhesion of acne causing microbes. Follow the tips to protect your skin this summer: Cover your skin as much as […]


Let the ‘specialist’ ( Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste) and ‘professional’ ( Eve fresh cream) complete your treatment Dual therapy with Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste and Eve fresh cream is amongst the most effective and total treatment of acne and pimples form eruptions Get dual benefits of a specialist and a professional […]