The state of being immune

Immunity – the state of protection from infectious disease (or) the condition that permits either natural or acquired resistance to disease. The immune system defends our body against invaders such as viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies. They are made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body. […]

New strategy of Blood purification effect to treat cough

What is cough? A cough is your body’s way of responding when something irritates your throat or airways. It can be the result of a respiratory tract infection such as the common cold, acute bronchitis, pneumonia, pertussis or tuberculosis. New strategy to treat cough Cough occurs only because of an irritant reaction in the respiratory […]

Enhancing Immunity in Children

Immunity may be defined as the ability of a host to withstand harmful effects caused by micro-organisms and their products. Primary organs and tissues of immune system Thymus is the primary organ and Bone marrow is the primary tissue of immune system. Producing immunological competence on the lymphocytes is the main work of these organs. […]

Cough – Causes and Classifications

Cough is one of the five cardinal symptoms of respiratory disease. The intensity of cough is not necessarily indicative of the severity of the causative disease. Cough reflex is activated by stimulation of irritant receptors in the airway. The act of coughing is a defence mechanism that helps to keep the lower respiratory passages clear. […]

Winter cold- keep it away

Winter is the time for more colds and flu as the causative microbes get to survive longer in cold, dry air. But a healthy lifestyle with a boosted immunity can really help you warding off the cold and flu this winter. What Do We Do? Clean hands mean less infection Our forearm holds more bacteria […]

JRK and science

Taking the test of tradition– How scientific evaluation helped Dr. JRK’s Traditional medicines more acceptable About Dr. JRK’s Research Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a 26 year old GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO certified company based out of Chennai, India engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of unique well research

Herbal medicine-safety

Herbal medicine- how safe they are?! About 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some aspects of their primary health care. Even it has been estimated that 25% of modern medicines are made from plants first used traditionally, such as aspirin, artemisinin, ephedrine, and paclitaxel. However, there is limited scientific evidence to establish […]