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Dano Oil
Available As
  • 100 ml
Dano Antidandruff Oil
For Dandruff, Pityriasis versicolor

Dano anti-dandruff oil possess

  • Broad spectrum antifungal activity
  • Targeted action against Pityrosporum ovale
  • Prevents recurrence of dandruff
  • Controls itching and associated hair loss
Dandruff, Pityriasis versicolor
Usage Instructions
  • Apply Dano over the scalp and roots of hair.
  • Regular use of Dano oil is recommended.
  • Use Lumina herbal shampoo thrice a week for better results
As directed by the physician.
For external use only
Each 5 ml contains extracts of
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis : 100mg
  • Wrightia tinctoria : 100mg
  • Cassia alata : 100mg
  • Azadirachta indica : 100mg
  • Oleum cocos nucifera : Q.S
There are no known contra-indications.
Scientific Proof
  • Clinical evaluation showed 100% decline in Pityrosporum ovale (causative agent for dandruff) with 8-10 days of treatment.
  • In vitro evaluation of Dano anti-dandruff oil showed its efficacy in inhibiting Pityrosporum ovale and Candida albicans (common causes for dandruff) at minimum concentrations of 30 mg/ml & 50 mg/ml respectively.

Proprietary Siddha Medicine

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