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G7 Capsules
Available As
  • 10x10 Capsules
G7 Capsules
For Allergic skin problems, chronic dry eczema, geriatric skin problems

G7 capsules for allergy

  • Regulates mast cell degranulation
  • Neutralises histamine effect
  • Minimises itching
  • Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
Allergic skin problems, chronic dry eczema, geriatric skin problems
Usage Instructions
  • Adult One capsule in morning and two capsules at night after food
  • Children Above 10 years: Two capsules a day after food.
  • Children 5-10 years: One capsule once a day after food
As directed by the physician.

Each 500mg capsule contains extract of:

  • Phyllanthus emblica : 50 mg
  • Smilax chinensis : 100 mg
  • Corallocarpus epigaeus : 75 mg
  • Clerodendrum inerme : 100 mg
  • Processed sulphur : 25 mg
  • Conch turbinella rapaparpam : 25 mg
  • Linga chenduram : 1 mg
  • Ponnimillai chenduram : 1 mg
  • Excipients : Q.S.
There are no known contra-indications.
Scientific Proof
  • Studies proved that G7 is effective in preventing mast cell de-granulation and inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators like histamine, IL-8 and IL-α1
  • Topical application of G7 decreases erythema and itching (wheal and flare reaction) induced by intradermal injection of histamine
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