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Evefresh Cream

For Hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes, post pimple marks
  • Decreases hyperpigmentation
  • Possess skin lightening effect
  • Offers sun protection
  • Possess antimicrobial effect

Hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes, post pimple marks

Usage Instructions
  • Apply cream on face and neck and spread evenly
  • Use twice a day
  • Continue regular usage to maintain fair, healthy and glowing skin.

(OR) As directed by the physician. For external use only

Each 5 ml contains extracts of

  • Curcuma zedoaria : 0.2%
  • Aloe vera : 2.0 %
  • Cream base : Q.S.

There are no known contra-indications.

Scientific Proof
  • Clinical evaluation on 20 volunteers showed 14.67% reduction in sun induced tanning in 1-week usage of Eve fresh cream
  • Clinical study on 30 volunteers showed significant reduction (14%) in melanin index within 3 weeks
  • In vitro study findings have shown Eve fresh cream decreases melanin synthesis by 90%. Hence, it confirmed the effectiveness of the cream for skin pigmentation treatment

What is your question in mind?

  • Darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of the skin pigment, melanin.
  • Skin darkening following an inflammatory lesion like acne
  • Melasma and melanosis are caused due to sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when

  • An abnormally high concentration of melanocytes produces melanin (or)
  • Melanocytes are hyperactive.
  • Sun exposure stimulates the production of melanin.
  • It can affect both the genders irrespective of their age but is more prevalent in women.
  • Exposure to sunlight, pregnancy, acne, menopause and certain medications cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
  • Hyperpigmentation can affect any part of the body including the face, hands, and neck.

Some hyperpigmentation will be permanent. Without any treatment at all, it can take 3 to 24 months to see improvement. It really depends on the severity of darkened skin and how much the hyperpigmentation covers. With treatment, the results will be better.

Eve fresh cream decreases hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin synthesis that darkens the skin. Phytochemical constituents of Curcuma zedoaria possess anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory effect known to reduce the skin tanning.

Possess antimicrobial effect and keeps infections away and thus completely safe to use on all skin types.

Evefresh cream possess Aloe vera with anti-bacterial property, healing and hydrating effect. Offers excellent moisturization and nourishment to the skin.

Offers sun protection benefit and thus safe guards your skin from harmful sun rays.

Proprietary Siddha Medicine
The information and details provided on this page is not intended to be an alternative for professional medical advice. Consulting a qualified medical practitioner for diagnosis and regular clinical follow up is recommended.

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