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Effect of JRK's AF-Antifungal cream in treating cutaneous mycoses.

  • Study was done to find out the effect of JRK’s AF antifungal cream on stratum corneum cells and its role in impairing fungal adhesion on the skin.
  • The superficial cutaneous mycoses always limit their colonization to stratum corneum cells which are non-nucleated, dead, sclero-protein deposition.

Study findings

  • JRK’s AF anti-fungal cream is effective in removing all the senescent stratum corneum cells which would affect the availability of predominantly the damaged and desquamated stratum corneum cells for fungal colonization.
  • Annulling the adhesion mechanism of fungi may offer a better solution for cutaneous mycoses such as Dermatophytoses (Ring Worm), Pityriasis and Candidiasis.
Treatment Removal of stratum corneum versus Time
10 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes
AF cream Minimal Near complete Near complete
AF cream Base Nil to negligible Minimal Minimal
Water Nil to negligible Nil to negligible Minimal

The findings presume that JRK’s AF anti-fungal cream will be quite effective for treating cutaneous mycoses.

Removal of stratum corneum versus Time