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Better Repigmentation with Combination Therapy of Topical Tolenorm and Caratol E

  • Vitiligo being an autoimmune disorder requires multiple treatment approach.
  • In this study, 40 patients with various types of Vitiligo were treated with combined therapy of topical Tolenorm and Caratol e.
  • The duration of the treatment was 50 weeks.
  • By the end of the study period, 90% repigmentation, which was also uniform in nature, was obtained in all the cases.

Increased % of repigmentation with combination therapy of topical Tolenorm and Caratol e

Affected Areas Face, Neck, Chest and Hands
Waist, Buttocks and Legs
No. of Weeks % of Repigmentation No. of Patients
(out of 20)
% of Repigmentation No. of Patients
(out of 20)
12 40 7 40 1
30 50 8 50 1
52 60 9 60 2
64 70 10 70 2

Study findings

  • Co-effect of Caratol e along with the application of topical Tolenorm was confirmed to be better and more effective in management of Vitiligo.

Increased Repigmentation in Punch Graft Method along with combination Therapy

  • In another study by punch graft method, 4 localized vitiligo patients were selected.
  • After 6days of grafting, 2 of them were treated with combination therapy and other 2 patients were treated with topical Tolenorm.
  • The first group showed faster and better repigmentation than the second group.

Punch Graft study

Site of grafted area Hand with Combination therapy (No. of patients- 2) Hand without Combination therapy (No. of patients- 2)
No. of Weeks % of Repigmentation % of Repigmentation
10 40 10
14 60 20
22 80 30
35 90 40

Combination therapy was confirmed to be more effective than topical application.

Pretreatment with Caratol E Significantly Induces Antibody Production

  • To treat an autoimmune disorder, an effective immune modulator is required which will modulate the activity of immune cells and also protect them.
  • In this study, one group test mice was treated with Caratol e and other group was left as untreated.
  • After 30 days of immunization, in the treated group antibody production was found to be significantly high than that in the untreated group.

Caratol e when used as a pretreatment, induces antibody production

Antibody production(IU/ml)
Test mice pretreated with Caratol e 200
Control 14

Study findings

  • This study shows the effectiveness of Caratol e as an immune modulator which can significantly improve the rate of antibody production when used as a pretreatment.