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Anti Pityrosporum activity of Dano

  • Pityrosporum ovale is a dandruff causing yeast. The fungal isolate was collected from the scalp of dandruff patients and grown in Sabouraud’s Dextrose agar.
  • The MIC ( Minimum inhibitory concentration) and MFC (minimum fungicidal concentration) of Dano anti-dandruff oil were obtained by broth dilution method.

Study findings

  • Dano anti-dandruff oil inhibited different isolates of Pityrosporum ovale between 500-1000 µg/ml and also had fungicidal action.

This study confirms the anti-fungal activity of Dano anti-dandruff oil.

Dandruff control by Dano anti-dandruff oil

  • Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration:
    • The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Dano anti-dandruff oil against Pityrosporum ovale was found to be 30 mg/ml and that against Candida albicans was found to be 50 mg/ml.
  • Zone of inhibition study:
    • The diameter of the zone of inhibition formed was 10mm for Pityrosporum ovale and 6mm for Candida albicans.
  • Methylene blue reductase test:
    • 90% death of Candida albicans cells was observed at sub-MIC level of 25 mg/ml of Dano anti-dandruff oil.

Clinico-In vitro method

Complete relief from Dandruff within 10 days of Dano anti-dandruff oil usage

  • 10 volunteers with severe dandruff problem were selected for the study. They were treated with Dano anti-dandruff oil and were reviewed every alternative day for a period of 21 days.
  • The severity of scaling was determined before and after treatment.
  • The scalp scrapings were inoculated in Sabouraud’s medium and incubated at 37°C for 10 days.
  • The rate of isolation of Pityrosporum ovale from the scraped materials before and after Dano use was studied at different intervals.

Study findings:

  • 8 days of Dano anti-dandruff oil use had reduced the scaling from severe to nil in all the volunteers. Complete elimination of scaling was observed in 10 days.
  • After 8th day, the isolation of Pityrosporum ovale in culture medium was not possible.( proof of elimination of dandruff)

clinical study showed 100% decline of P.ovale in 8 to 10 days

The study proves that Dano anti-dandruff oil is an effective anti-dandruff drug and also an anti-fungal agent with broad spectrum activity.