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Analgesic effect of Dolowhite emulsion- Haemodynamic profile

Pain relieving effect of Dolowhite emulsion was studied by haemodynamic profile of cutaneous region using mexameter.

  • The initial erythema value from different regions in the volar forearm of 10 volunteers was read using Mexameter and were recorded.
  • The erythema value was read from the Dolowhite base applied regions as well as from Dolowhite applied region after 10 and 20 minutes.


Study findings:

  • There is increase in erythema value with Dolowhite emulsion shows the vasodilation* which results in relief from pain.
  • Decrease in erythema was observed in base (Control) when compared to Dolowhite shows the cooling effect of the base.

*Vasodilatation is known to relieve congestion and thus it induces local rise in temperature resulting in analgesia and this produces counter irritant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Study proves that Dolowhite is effective for chronic pain management due to its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.