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Faster Repigmentation with Dual Drug Therapy (combination treatment with Tolenorm oil and Tolenorm ointment)

  • 30 patients in the age group of 14-70 years with various types of vitiligo were selected.
  • Group A and B each with 10 patients, were treated with monotherapy of Tolenorm oil and Tolenorm ointment respectively; whereas, group C patients were treated with dual therapy

Study findings:

  • 60% of the group C patients showed repigmentation within 8 weeks whereas for Group A and B patients, it took 10-11 weeks.

The above findings confirm the superior efficacy of dual drug therapy for Vitiligo compared to monotherapy.

Faster repigmentation with dual therapy

Dual Therapy

Tolenorm ointment

Tolenorm oil

Clinical trial with Tolenorm Oil and Ointment at Stanley Hospital

  • In this study 50 patients with various types of vitiligo were treated with Tolenorm oil and ointment at Stanley Hospital, Chennai over a period of 1year.

Study findings:

  • Repigmentation was observed in 8 weeks in all the cases.
  • Near complete repigmentation was observed in segmental and focal vitiligo in 9-10months.
  • Generalised vitiligo showed 50-60% repigmentation.

Dual therapy was proven to be significantly effective in the management of all types of vitiligo.

Effective Melanin Transfer to Skin Cells with Dual Drug Therapy.

  • Melanocytes are present at the basal layer of skin in ratio of 1:36 with keratinocytes (present on outermost layer of skin). Thus, along with the formation of melanin, its transfer to keratinocytes (skin cells) is also important for obtaining normal skin tone.
  • In the co-culture study with melanocytes and keratinocytes, the skin structure is mimicked to observe the efficacy of the dual drug therapy in transfer of melanin.

Study findings:

  • Significant amount (40%) of melanin transfer was observed in the treated cells.
  • The study also showed increase in dendrite length in the treated cells.

Co-culture study results confirm the efficacy of the treatment in melanin transfer significantly.

Why Dual Drug Therapy Is Not Optional but Essential

Even though both Tolenorm oil and ointment are highly efficient in treating vitiligo, when their effectiveness on various factors related to repigmentation, were studied individually, the following results are obtained:


Therefore, based on the above findings it can be concluded that the combination therapy is highly desired for treating vitiligo.