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Significant reduction in melanin- clinical evaluation

  • Clinical study with 30 volunteers was carried out for 3 weeks to find out the efficacy of Eve fresh cream in reducing melanin (skin pigment) production.
  • It was measured using Mexameter (Melanin measuring instrument).

Study findings:

  • Significant reduction in melanin was observed in 95% of the volunteers at the end of the study period.

Reduction in Tyrosinase enzyme and Melanogenesis

Effect of Evefresh cream in reducing tyrosinase enzyme activity, melanin pigment production and number and length of the dendrites was studied using B16F10 murinemelanoma cell lines

Study findings:

  • Significant reduction in tyrosinase activity as well as in melanin production was observed on application of Evefresh cream.

Melanin synthesis inhibition activity

Inhibition of Tyrosinase activity

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