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Hair Strengthening with Kesh Raksha Oil

  • The proximal and distal end of hair fibres was fixed in the diastron instrument
  • A known weight was added to the hair fibre and then slowly the weight was increased until hair break
  • Similarly the above experiment was done for all the hair samples treated with single times and 5 times application with KR oil
  • The hair treated with water and coconut oil was also studied to understand their effect

Study Findings

  • The point of break of hair in the case of Kesh Raksha oil treatment is significantly longer than that of control.
  • And also significant increase in the tensile strength of the hair as a result of Kesh raksha oil treatment was observed due to which therefore it could with stand greater force than that in case of other swatches

Load at distal end

Load at proximal end

Kesh raksha oil and gel enhance hair growth

In vivo method

  • 4 guinea pigs were separated in 2 groups.
  • Left and right sides of all the animals were tonsured (hair removal).
  • On the right side of the animals of the first group, KR oil was applied and left sides were left untreated.
  • Similarly, on the right side of the second group animals, KR gel was applied and left sides were left untreated.
  • The treatment procedure was continued for 9 days with single application per day.
  • The total number of growing hairs in the gel/oil treated areas was counted separately at regular time intervals (3, 6, 9 days) and was compared with control.

In vitro method

  • The cells of dermal papilla from the treated (gel, oil separately) and control were collected and RNA was isolated.
  • The quantification of the total RNA isolated was done spectrophotometrically at 260 nm using standard procedure.
  • Northern blotting was performed with the isolated RNA on the 9th day for observing the expression of mRNA specific to hair growth protein and tyrosinase enzyme.

Study findings

  • A significant growth in the total number of hair grown in either oil or gel treated areas in the animals was recorded from 3rd day but not in the control.
  • And also the length of the hairs in treated areas was recorded to be longer than that in the control.
  • Northern blotting results showed expression of mRNA specific to hair growth protein and also of tyrosinase in the treated cells but not in the control.

The findings confirm that both KR oil and gel enhances formation of protein specific to hair growth significantly.

Early Growth and Longer Hair with Kesh Raksha Oil Treatment


KR oil Treated