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To understand the uniformity and homogeneity of the 9 herbs in five market samples of Nilavembu kudineer, this study was taken up

The following characteristics were observed such as

  • Density of the powder,
  • The ratio of the powder materials that passed through a sieve and remain on the sieve were studied.
  • Uneven distribution of various herbs in market samples can greatly affect therapeutics.
  • NIKU of Dr. JRK’s gives the complete therapeutic benefits of all 9 herbs to the patients due to its complete homogeneity.

Study findings

  • Unevenness in the distribution of various herbs in all the samples collected from the market was observed.
  • The sieveble and unsieveble portion in all market samples of Nilavembu kudineer vary greatly

Distribution of various herbs in the sample taken from the Top, middle and bottom

Characteristics Presence / Absence Abundance/Market Samples (A,B,C,D&E)
Top Middle Bottom
Straight, Reticulate fibre and fine twigs Present Abundant Countable Scarce
Leaf material Present Abundant Scarce Scarce
Woody powder Present Scarce Scarce Abundant
Fine roots Present Countable Countable Scarce
Seed coat Present Countable Countable Scarce

The ratio of Sieveble and Unsieveble portion in Nilavembu kudineer

Features Samples/Percentage
Sieveble 5 10 12 15 5
Unsieveble 95 90 88 85 95