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Study 1: Proof for Efficacy of Pesin as Immune Modulator

  • T cell is a subtype of white blood cell that plays a central role in cell-mediated immunity and responsible for immune responses.
  • T cell-mediated immunity impairment was created in animal models using immunosupressive drugs and they were co-administered with Pesin for 30 days.
  • The T-cell level was checked at regular intervals.

Study findings

  • Despite the administration of immunosuppressive drugs, the effect of Pesin on T cell proliferation was significantly high.

Pesin capsule is proven to be an ideal drug for treating various immunosuppressive disorders.

Study 2: No drug-drug interaction- safe to use in Psoriatic condition

  • Another study to prove the effect of pesin as a immune booster in psoriatic conditions where immunosuppressive drugs are administered was conducted
Group Treatment Mitotic activity
Group A (4 mice) Methotrexate (0.3 mg, 7 days) 1117
Group B (4 mice) Methotrexate (0.3 mg, 7 days)+
Pesin+SIVA herbal drops (20mg, 7 days)

Study findings

  • The study proved that the effect of immunosuppressive drug Methotrexate was not affected by Pesin and SIVA herbal drops administration.

Role of pH in drug dissolution, absorption and its therapeutic effect

The effectiveness of drug depends on its dissolution in the gastrointestinal tract fluids prior to the absorption and then into the systemic circulation.

This study was carried out to understand

  • dissolution of Pesin in different conditions (pH 2, 4 & 7) and at different time intervals
  • influence of Pesin in altering the pH of media was observed

To reconfirm the effect of pH on drug release, Thin layer chromatography (TLC) was performed.

Study findings

  • Rate of release of Pesin was found to be high in pH 4 & 7 and minimum time required for dissolution was 30 min.
  • Addition of Pesin capsule powder to the dissolution media increased the pH of the media.
  • Sanguparpam significantly increased the pH and thereby increased the release of various herbs as well.
  • TLC profile of Pesin reconfirms the effect of pH on the release of the drug

10 Minutes

30 Minutes

1 hour

1 - pH2

1 - pH4

1 - pH7

without sangu parpam

with sangu parpam

Study findings

  • The study findings showed that high pH of 4 and 7 facilitates greater dissolution of drug and helps in its absorption and therapeutic activity .
  • Therefore, the dosage mentioned for Pesin capsule to be taken after food is justified and reconfirmed by TLC analysis.