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Clinical proof for faster repigmentation with Topical Tolenorm

50 vitiligo patients with various types of vitiligo problem were treated with topical Tolenorm to find out the efficacy of the product in promoting repigmentation.

Study findings

  • All the patients showed repigmentation within 6-8 weeks.
  • Nearly complete repigmentation was seen in segmental and focal vitiligo within 9-10 months.
  • In case of generalized vitiligo, 50-60% repigmentation could be obtained in 9-10 months.

Effect of Tolenorm ointment on immediate pigment darkening (IPD)

  • The effect of Tolenorm ointment vis a vis a renowned Ayurvedic ointment on melanocytes to release melanin from melanosomes with and without sun exposure was studied using Mexameter.
  • Immediate pigment darkening (IPD), the process of darkening of skin with onset of sun exposure was the parameter used to evaluate both the ointments

Study findings

  • Tolenorm ointment not only triggers IPD but also offers sun protection whereas the Ayurvedic ointment helps only in pigmentation and provides no sun protection.
  • Erythema produced was also high in Ayurvedic ointment treated areas which could lead to irritation of vitiliginous skin
  • Tolenorm ointment increased melanin synthesis even without sun exposure whereas melanin formation was absent in the Ayurvedic ointment.

Effect of ayurvedic ointment vs Tolenorm ointment in causing immediate pigment darkening

5 min

10 min

15 min

Product Etythema value
Ayurvedic ointment 4.9
Tolenorm ointment 0.8

The study findings show Tolenorm ointment is more effective and safe and offers sun protection